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Submitted by Grace Cross (Carmichael, CA)

From the Recipient’s Point of View

I was standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change, across the street from the company I was currently employed with. I had just gotten off the bus and was in a state of extreme anxiety and depression. I had been on welfare for some time and just started this position. I was so tight on funds I didn’t have enough money to get to and from this job until my first paycheck. I had about a week until I got paid. I had been crying and praying for days, anticipating losing this job and ultimately my home. I was a single mother with a son in preschool.

Suddenly a car pulled up in front of me, blocking me from crossing. The driver opened his passenger side window and asked if I take the bus. I said yes. He then handed me something and said that he never took the bus, but something had compelled him in an overpowering way to buy these and give them to someone.

I thanked him and he drove away. And I just broke down and sobbed as I looked at the book of bus tickets in my hand. Hope was reborn.

And I didn’t lose that job. Nor my home. Nor my son.

That was 1986. Thank you, Good Samaritan, wherever you may be.