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Submitted by Anonymous Person (Binghamton, NY )

Randomly putting money underneath them feels great!

I was listening to Family Life Network yesterday when I heard about this campaign for the first time. I was reminded about how a few weeks ago I found some money on the floor of the grocery store and attempted to return it to the customer service desk in case someone reported that they lost it. When no one came to claim it I was allowed to keep the money and it was useful because I was short of grocery money that week.

While listening about this amazing campaign it inspired me to do something completely random and on the spot. I happened to be driving by a church with cars in the parking lot. I took $15.00 out of my wallet and folded it up in a piece of paper with a note on it that said “I am a stranger to you. I found this money on the floor of a grocery store just when I needed it the most and it was a blessing. I am passing this blessing on to you in case you need it. Just remember to give it forward someday. Sincerely, Anonymous” and I tucked it under the windshield wipers of a car with two University stickers on it hoping that it might just be a college kid who could use it. And I drove away feeling like maybe that person whoever they maybe would smile and pass a good deed forward.