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Submitted by Rae (Hgn, TX)

Helping a Stranger with basic necessities

I was at my local grocery store and got in line to pay. I was the third person for a moment I thought about moving over to another lane because the store actually wasn’t busy but decided not to. So I put my items on the counter and noticed the little girl off to the side, she had pushed the button on a toy and it started dancing. Once the toy stopped I noticed that the cashier was telling her mom that her card had insufficient funds. The lady was embarrassed but the cashier kept trying really hard to help, offering to remove items but the lady was afraid she still wouldn’t have enough. The cashier offered to void the transaction but hold the items so that she could call to see how much she had on her card. I could tell the lady really needed the food because she was calling to see what her balance was, so I walked up to see what her balance was to see if I could help – her total was ONLY $14! I looked at the cashier and said I’ll pay for it. The lady just started to cry and walked out the store. Even though she didn’t thank me it felt great to help someone.