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Submitted by Simplify (San Antonio, TX)

Change adds up.

I went to withdraw money inside my bank (which I never do) and there was a middle-aged woman at the teller next to me who brought in a coffee cup of change to exchange for dollar bills. The amount of change totaled $14. She was so excited and showed such relief to get this $14 and stated she could now afford a haircut for that day. I overheard her telling the teller that her husband gives her no money and she has to save the change around the house if she wants anything. She then thanked the teller for being so nice to her and left.

I followed her out of the bank and gave her the folded $50 and simply told her “you seem to be having a rough day, I hope this can help.” She hesitated slightly then gave me the biggest hug and a very quiet “thank you” with tears in her eyes. Glad I could bring her some relief, even for just a short time.