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Submitted by Johnny (New York, NY)

God literally took the wheel.

I am someone who likes to do things 100% or not do them at all, so after finishing I Like Giving this spring, I set a goal to give as much as possible in every aspect of my life. At first, it was great! I was smiling to strangers on the subway, cleaning up around my apartment, even sending groceries to people in need that I found on Craigslist.

Now, this post was originally supposed to be titled, “I Like Craigslist,” but being the recent college graduate that I am, I was quickly running out of money to fund such an endeavor, and instead of immersing myself in the joy of giving, I became embarrassed by my lack of financial planning skills. I fell into a giving rut, stopped giving altogether, and felt as though I had failed in my promise to God and myself. That’s when I met Joshua.

I had just finished my morning bike ride when I noticed a woman struggling to park her car in the last (and smallest) parking spot on the block. “Need a hand?” I asked jokingly. “YES! Please!” she said, jumping out of her brand new sedan before I could even react. With no time to come up with an excuse, I hopped in and said hello to the little boy in the backseat. “Say hi, Joshua!” his mother said. “Joshua!? That’s another name for Jesus!” I thought. And just then, God literally took the wheel and parked that car in what could have broken the Guinness World Record for speed and accuracy in a single parallel parking job.

Sometimes God presents opportunities to give without the option of rejection. I think this was His sneaky way of getting me back into the giving mood, by opening that car door and literally taking the wheel.