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Submitted by Melinda Irwin (Duson,LA)

From The Mouths Of Babes

My neighbor and I were going to run errands and she told me her husband had come home from a trip to the store with their 4yr old daughter almost in tears. Seems they were standing in line waiting to check out. In front of them by a couple of people was a lady with severe physical deformities who was staring at the floor and not making eye contact with anyone. All of a sudden before he could grab her, their 4yr old took off towards this woman. Ignoring her father’s calls to come back to him, she walked up beside the lady, took her hand, introduced herself and proceeded to tell her how BEAUTIFUL she thought she was. The lady looked up at her with tears running down her face and thanked her robustly. For the rest of her time in line, she looked up instead of at the floor and smiled from ear to ear.