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Submitted by Rhonda Bergstrasser (Oklahoma City)

A little girl is expecting grandma to fix breakfast but her Walmart gift card is declined. I knew I had to help.

I started up a conversation in the grocery check-out line with a little 7-year-old girl. I am a 2nd-grade teacher and love children. She told me her grandmother was going to make her some pancakes for breakfast when they got home. Then I heard the worst electronic words you can hear, “card declined”. I continued to chat with the little girl so the grandmother could find money to pay for the purchase. Then, I realized she had no cash. I quickly stepped up and told grandma I would like to help her out. Before she could even comment I swiped my debit card and had approval in moments. The grandmother was so thankful and grateful. The little girl asked me my name, and I answered, “Mrs. B.” She said, Thank you for my pancakes, Mrs. B.” What a blessing! That simple act only cost me $7.36 but knowing that little girl would get her breakfast was worth much more!!