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Surprising a co-worker with Christmas gifts…

I’ve worked with a man named Terrance for nearly four years and he has always been the most selfless person I have ever met.

For Christmas, he wanted nothing more than new black socks to wear to work.

I always love to hear his stories about his children, a two-year old boy, and three and four-year old girls. They are beautiful and kind children, but like all children, sometimes sneaky.

Around Christmas, the three kid’s devised a plan to distract Terrance and his wife and search for their Christmas presents. While the two littlest children distracted the parents, the oldest daughter would rattle off the gifts she could find in the closet.

Terrance told me about this and I made the decision that not only do the children deserve a surprise, but so do the parents. Terrance is hardworking but for the past few years their entire family has been struggling because his wife suffers from Huntington’s Disease and is often in a great deal of pain.

To surprise them for Christmas I spent the month of December shopping for clothes and toys and anything else I thought they would like.

On Christmas Eve, early in the morning, I drove to their house and dropped all the presents, wrapped and labeled with names on their front porch. I had purchased dolls for the girls, a truck for the boys, an outfit for each child, a blanket and purse for mom, and many other items. My favorite of which was probably the pack of black socks wrapped and labeled “Terrance”.

Terrance worked later that day and told me about the surprise his family received that morning. The best part is that I know how grateful and surprised they were, but they still have no idea it was me who did it!