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Submitted by: Dan, paoli, pa

“I was grateful that I responded to the nudge…”

During the COVID-19 pandemic I have often thought about the difficulties that many workers in the food service industry have experienced, such as business closures, reduced hours, difficult working conditions, and general uncertainty. In response, I decided to perform a simple act of generosity to the four workers in our work cafeteria. I wrote each a thank you letter expressing my gratitude and provided a gift card to a selection of restaurants, noting in my card that it only seemed natural for me to provide a gift card for a meal to those that prepared a meal for me each day. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this story occurred when I purchased the four gift cards at a local supermarket. I approached the checkout line that Darlene was working at and noted she was eating from a bag of Swedish Fish. I commented that they were one of my favorites and she offered me one. To her surprise (especially in a COVID world) I said yes and reached in, grabbed one and ate it. Then I felt the “nudge.” I informed Darlene that I would like to get a fifth gift card and asked if she could wait a minute. She said yes and I quickly returned with a fifth gift card and promptly was offered another Swedish Fish. Again, I accepted and after completing the purchase, handed her one of the five gift cards while smiling and noting “consider this an expression of God’s love for you.” Walking out of the supermarket I was grateful that I responded to the nudge and was able to point Darlene to the source of generosity and brighten the day of five people that have served me.