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Submitted by David Goochee

When moving a family in need takes you to the Master bedroom.

We work with students at my church. There are some housing projects around the corner and a student started coming to church from there. He is 13 and the oldest of 6 children. His mom and dad were both unemployed at the time and being kicked out of their unit because the city is in the process of taking the buildings down to create luxury townhomes. All the other local housing was filled already so they had to move about 30 minutes away but had no way to transport their belongings. I wasn’t sure how I could help but I thought about seeing if a u-haul company, given the situation, would lend us a truck so we could help them move. I called the company and they agreed.

When I went to pick it up they didn’t have any record of the conversation I had with them and weren’t going to let me have it. I knew the family at this point needed to be out of the house so I decided to pay for it myself. I arrived at the housing unit and they were floored. It was about 8p.m. and right there we began packing that truck with all of their stuff. (not exactly packed, but more like lots of loose items in bags :-). The neighbors looked at us like there was something wrong with us being there, but the dad kept introducing us to them as their friends. We then took the drive to their new location. Me, the son and the dad arrived in the truck at the house with the rest of the family waiting. We then simply unloaded the truck and finished close to midnight.

Then the remarkable thing happened. I found myself sitting on the edge of the master bed, with both parents and all 6 kids lying, sitting, and running around us. Nothing but smiles and laughter. They were so thankful but I was equally thankful that God had led me to this moment. They had let me “in.” A bridge had been built, a new relationship formed with an incredible family. I’ll never forget it.