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Submitted by Kathy (Zeeland, MI)

God multiplies the little we give.

I’ve been getting my oil changed at the same place for a few years now. I wait 15-20 minutes in the waiting area and on this day a customer was really upset and the receptionist was quietly and genuinely compassionately talking to him. I didn’t get the gist of it but it was more than a disgruntled customer. I was surprised at how the receptionist seemed to really care. That night I made cupcakes for my son to take to school. I had some extras and a thought popped into my head, take them to the receptionist at the oil change place.

I give out Bibles to neighbors and people I meet. I was beginning to question if any of it made a difference. I was discouraged. So when I was sitting in my car in front of the oil change place I told God how discouraged I was and said I’ll do this but show me if I’m making a difference, and if I should continue. I had the cupcakes and one of those Bibles that you read through in a year. I put a bookmark on the page of that days date and went in. I told her how impressed I was with how she handled the customer from the day before, and that I wanted to give her these cupcakes and a gift-a Bible. She looked really surprised and took the Bible in her hands and it opened to the bookmarked spot. She sat there silently for a second and then she said, It’s my birthday and you brought me a cake and a gift. I was so surprised. I said I couldn’t have known that, but God did. She was clearly overwhelmed and so was I.

I got back in my car electrified with what God allowed me to be a part of. And I haven’t stopped giving out Bibles.