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Submitted by Kristy (Charlotte, NC)

Travel sized toiletries can go a long way in making someone’s day.

One of my first days living in Charlotte, I went on a run and decided to count how many people I saw sleeping on benches or huddled on street corners. 10 people in three blocks. For several months after this run, I could not figure out how I could help these people. As a twenty-two year old beginning to bear the weight of my student loans, I found it too hard to volunteer time or money between my two jobs. So I decided to start with the little things. Every week that I go grocery shopping, I pick up a few travel-sized items, a pair of socks, and a plastic water bottle. At most, this will cost me $10-$15. I put these items in a plastic bag, and on one of my evening runs, I set the bag next to someone sitting on a street corner or sleeping on a bench. I know how much better I feel when I’m hydrated and wearing a clean pair of socks, with my teeth and hair brushed. My hope is that this little care package helps others to feel better in such a way.