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Submitted by Kerry Conroy Messer (Chesapeake, VA)

Today is my cousin Patrick’s birthday. Sadly, we lost Pat to a car accident last month. Of the several accounts which have surfaced about Pat’s generosity. The Pizza Story warms my heart the most.

While Patrick was visiting his father in Florida he called a buddy back home in New York. He knew from the sound in his friend’s voice that something wasn’t right. When Patrick asked what was going on – his friend explained that work hadn’t been steady, and money was extremely tight. The young father explained, “We’ve eaten nothing but Ramen Noodles for days. My kids are hungry, man.”

The thought of his friend’s family going to bed hungry was more than Patrick could bear.

From a quiet room somewhere in Florida, without his friend’s knowledge, Patrick called his favorite pizza shop in upstate New York. He placed an order for two sheet pizzas and had them delivered to the doorstep of a buddy in need.

That night the rumbling of hungry tummies was silenced because Patrick cared.

Let’s create a ripple of generosity in Patrick’s honor by ordering surprise pizzas. Whose bellies will you feed tonight?