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Submitted by Nancy Dyer (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

I like to give the Kohl’s cash I earn when shopping at Kohls to single moms. Kohls cash can be spent on anything needed

I have shopped at Kohls for my own family because of their discounted prices and ads. I love shopping there especially when the store gives Kohls cash, which is basically a certificate redeemable to be used just like cash. Each time I have shopped during that promotion, I would earn between 50 and 100 Kohls cash dollars and really looked forward to planning for what I would be able to purchase for “free” with those dollars. One year ago, a freind who went through a difficult divorce, has four children and the husband was not working or supporting them financially.

My friend is a teacher at a small Christian school and is working another job on the side. Last Spring when I was shopping there, God gave me the thought, maybe my friend could use that Kohls cash to get something she needs. I gave it to her and she was so thrilled. I have continued to give her the Kohls cash and each time I do, she said it was perfect timing because of a specific need. Recently, another friend’s husband died and their family is in a financial crisis, so I sent her my Christmas spending Kohls cash. She called me and said she had been planning on getting something for her son that he really needed there, but hadn’t gone yet because she did not have the cash. This has been so exciting, it gives me more joy than I had when I was looking forward to buying something myself! In Acts 20:35, Jesus says “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” I have been looking into shopping at other places that offer this type of promotion as well so I can offer more things like this to single moms in need!!!