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I was sorting through my desk in anticipation of an upcoming move and stumbled across a graphing calculator from high school and a financial calculator from college that I no longer need or use. Not wanting to let them sit unused I decided to post an advertisement on Craig’s List indicating that they were free with the hopes that they would make it into the hands of a struggling family or student who couldn’t afford the $100 or $50 expense that each would cost.


My ad was answered by a man looking for the calculators for his children. When he came to pick them up I reiterated that there was no cost and he expressed his thanks. Later, I received the following message: “I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the calculators. They are in great shape. I’ll make sure my kids take good care of them. You have my number if I could be of any assistance to you. God bless your good heart.” I know that the calculators found their way into a good home and that they were truly a gift to the receiver. I am so thankful that I made the decision to give them away and didn’t delay any longer. I had no idea I had a gift to give that had been sitting in my drawer for years!