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I was sitting in the gate area at the airport, typing emails and waiting to board, when something caught my attention. It was the gate agent going over and introducing himself to a waiting blind passenger, and explaining how the boarding process would work for this guy.

I instantly felt like I should give him my seat.

For the next ten minutes or so I talked myself out of the idea while continuing with my work. “He’ll think I feel sorry for him; I fly so much I deserve the first class seat; I’m thirsty and want the free bottle of water when I sit down.”


But when I realized what I was doing, I sat quietly with God for maybe 30 or 60 seconds to ask this question: “Are you really asking me to give up my seat for this guy.” I felt like I was supposed to do it. 

So I approached the gate agent and whispered my request. He seemed genuinely blown away and thanked me several times while he made it happen.

He ended up giving me an exit row window seat, which was more than sufficient. As I walked through first class and saw this guy sitting there, and then back into coach, I was full of joy.

I looked out the window as the flight took off with a big smile on my face; giving the seat away was so much better than sitting in it!