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I handed my boarding pass to the gate agent to board the plane and headed into the jet bridge. Right behind me was a man in a military uniform trying to board.

I overheard the gate agent telling him, “Sorry sir, you’ll have to wait because your group hasn’t been called yet. We don’t do military boarding.”


At that moment I had an idea. When I boarded the plane, I asked the flight attendant to let me know when the man in uniform boarded.

After everyone had boarded the plane, the flight attendant found me. I gave the military man my aisle seat, took his middle seat, and said to him, “Thank you for your service.” He was very grateful and thanked me.

It was my small way of GIVING to another person and to thank him for his service to our country. It felt great and made me understand that giving doesn’t always have to be monetary or something really big; it can be as little as switching seats on an airplane. I love giving!