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The beauty of generosity is that it can be explored and experienced in so many simple, everyday ways.

One idea I have practiced that brings so much joy in my own life is mastering the art of giving tips. Every once in a while, when it feels right, I will leave a tip that’s larger than the bill. As I feel led by the Lord there will be moments where I just want to bless someone.


Now sometimes I will walk out before they have a chance to know or even say thank you. I just like the idea of leaving it, left wondering what happened. But sometimes I’ll take the opportunity to speak into someone’s life and just say something encouraging like, “you went so far above and beyond. Your smile made my day today. I just wanted to bless you,” and I’ll personally hand the money to them. 

My favorite way to give tips is to find people who normally don’t receive tips. Every once in a while I’ll go up to someone who is cleaning the bathroom, food court, etc. You know it is not their dream job, but they’re doing it and doing it well. Because of what they’re doing, we all get to enjoy a nicer and cleaner world.

So, I’ll walk up to them and say, “I hope this is okay, I just noticed that you’re doing what you’re doing and I really just appreciate it. Would it be okay if I gave you a tip?”

The look people give you when you do that is just so worth it. 

I would encourage you to find ways to be creative and generous with your tips. You thought it was fun to go out to eat before? Just wait!