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SUBMITTED BY: Melony Scholte

My teenage son, Keegan, is a crazy soul who has a compassionate heart. Last summer, after hearing stories of children who could not attend school in Swaziland, Africa, due to not having proper footwear, he decided to do something to make a difference.

He pledged to go barefoot for an entire year in an attempt to raise money and raise awareness of the needs of others.


To date, Keegan is over 200-days into his project which he calls “A Year Without Shoes”. His goal is to raise enough money to purchase 365 pairs of shoes to get to children is Swaziland.

Things haven’t been easy but he has persisted.

He has had to deal with administrators who weren’t sure how to allow bare feet in his high school. Far more challenging than that has been living in Michigan where winter temperatures often stay below freezing for weeks.

All in all, the remarkable thing about this giving story is that the giving comes from a teenager who has no ulterior motive beyond helping children in need.