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Frequently Asked Questions

I Like Giving is an organization that exists to create a more generous world. We share stories to inspire people to give in big and small ways. 

What if I don’t have money to give?

Everyone can give something. We believe that being generous might include giving your money, but it is so much more. You can be generous with your words, time, actions, thoughts, influence, sharing your stuff, your money, and so much more. 

Can I buy a video to share at my business, church or with my group? 

Absolutely! Visit the store to shop resources that will inspire people at every age. 

How is I Like Giving funded? 

At I Like Giving, we believe that it’s better to give when it’s your idea.

So, if it’s your idea – we would be honored to have you help us create a more generous world – because we believe a generous world is a better world for all of us. When you give, you help us inspire the rest of the world to give.

Two ways to give:

1. Donate online through our partner Foundation.

2. Send in your donation by mail to our Michigan office at 7404 Orlin Ct. NE, Rockford MI 49341.

Questions about what we do and how you can get involved? Email [email protected] to ask any of your questions.

We believe everyone can play a part of creating a more generous world. Thank you for Joining the movement!