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(Your Family) Likes Giving.

Take your family on a Generosity adventure!

  1. Click the links below to download the appropriate guide for your family based on your kids’ ages and print out a copy for everyone participating.

  2. Share with your kids that you have short family activities to talk about and do together. Let them pick the time to get started.

  3. Invite them in with a pressure-free attitude! Spend 15-30 minutes together and then pick up where you left off next time. We don’t want you to feel like this needs to be a family meeting or extra work.



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Scroll down for easy access to the films included in the guides.

Join the Generosity Giraffe in creating a more generous world!

The Generosity Giraffe keeps his head held high and is willing to stick his neck out for others- all in the name of generosity!





Feeling inspired? Now’s the time to create your own I Like _______. ® story of giving and make the world a more generous place! Be sure to come back and share your story!