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Generous students are

joyful. purposeful. kind. grateful. world-changers.

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A generous world starts with a generous classroom. 

Generous Classroom provides a faith-based curriculum that teaches a lifestyle of giving and gratitude to help students overcome challenges and transform their lives.

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WHY Does a Generous Classroom Matter?

Kindergarten through eighth-grade curricula grounded in biblical truth that transforms hearts.

Created by teachers for teachers with low-to-no prep time required.

Grade level specific programs to grow with your students.

Access to a digital library of world-class content.

Biblically based Social Emotional Learning and Character development all-in-one.

Why Teachers Love Generous Students

  • Created for Teachers by Teachers
  • Easy-to-use and Low Prep
  • Digital Teacher Portal Access 
  • Connections created among teachers and students
  • Parent Adventure Companion
  • Coaching Calls 
  • Curriculum Map\Scope and Sequence
  • Standard Alignment
  • CASEL Alignment
  • Recommended Mentor Text 
  • Implementation Training

*Included For Every School

What Teachers Are Saying

It was a great experience and I truly believe this should be something all children (and adults) learn. It really challenged me on how much generosity I show daily. It was great to learn with my students. They loved the booklet and videos. It really got them thinking about how even though they are young they can still set an example to others.

Kim4th Grade Teacher, Michigan

I love Generosity Roadmap and think it’s something that should be used in all classrooms! I think it would be a great tool to implement at the beginning of the school year to create a strong classroom community. I am excited to use it again!

Haley4/5 Grade Teacher, California

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