You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

Kahlil Gibran

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560 Stories
  • I Like pizza.

    by Kerry Conroy Messer

    Surprise someone by paying for a pizza delivery to their house.

  • I Like Birthday.

    by Sharee G.

    A young woman alone in a restaurant on her birthday gets an unexpected gift.

  • I Like Sacrificial Giving.

    by Joy

    A story about one family's journey into complete trust

  • I Like McDonald’s.

    by Greg Chang

    The Drive Through Experience

  • I Like bare feet

    by Melony Scholte

    A teenage boy gives to others by baring his feet.

  • I Like Dropping money.

    by Craig Fox

    I drop a bill with a note stuck to It with a word of encouragment

  • I Like Shoes.

    by Stephanie Strang

    One woman takes action to put shoes on thousands of feet, so they can attend scool and walk in safety!

  • I Like I don’t like giving - giving!.

    by Mary Fister

    Pass it forward, and find great joy

  • I Like $5 dollar bills.

    by Nikki Wiseman

    A recent trip to Sonic lead to a generosity nudge........

  • I Like Flying.

    by Bill Oechsler

    Two strangers on a plane ride out a storm together.

  • I Like outrageous giving

    by Paul

    Random giving for 31 days

  • I Like Uhaul.

    by David Goochee

    When moving a family in need takes you to the Master bedroom.

  • I Like cupcakes.

    by Kathy

    God multiplies the little we give.

  • I Like doctor pepper

    by alian

    13 yr. Old boy helps an elderly lady lift soda into her cart

  • I Like Carrabba’s.

    by Jake and Mara

    An unexpected family dinner

  • I Like Kohls cash.

    by Nancy Dyer

    I like to give the Kohl's cash I earn when shopping at Kohls to single moms. Kohls cash can be spent on anything needed

  • I Like Basement.

    by Carolyn

    A family offers their home to complete strangers in need.

  • I Like Potty Training.

    by Anonymous

    3 Year old helps sponsor a needy child.

  • I Like Ruthie.

    by Dina Coates Koebler

    8 yr old girl swims 2+ miles to raise $80k for orphanage in Haiti best friend Ruthie was adopted from

  • I Like helping a handicap boy

    by Rajeev

    Handicap Young Boy Mohammad Naushad knocked on our church door; asks for Help from us and he gets a tricycle wheelchair

  • I Like People.

    by Gerridette Schiavone

    Setting the example instead of being the example for Jesus.

  • I Like Breakfast .

    by Rhonda Bergstrasser

    A little girl is expecting grandma to fix breakfast but her Walmart gift card is declined. I knew I had to help.

  • I Like laundry

    by Lexie Miedema

    An act of kindness regarding a chore that most of us do not consider to be enjoyable: doing the laundry

  • I Like Spreading The Love of Jesus.

    by Lalita Wells-Awumey

    Unexpected Joy

  • I Like Orphans.

    by Tatiana Bonanno

    1 Girls wearing 1 dress for 1 year to raise money for thirteen orphans in Jinja, Uganda,

  • I Like Home.

    by NCC

    A couple shares their home with a homeless man.

  • I Like JCrew.

    by Erin

    For my birthday I got a JCrew gift card and I never thought that it would be used to brighten up a young couples week!

  • I Like Holiday Inn Express.

    by Bill Rutherford

    Help for a family fleeing an abusive situation at home.

  • I Like Honoring My Daughter’s Birth Mother.

    by Mary E. Cutter

    I asked the guests at my daughter's wedding to help me thank her birth mother

  • I Like Barrio Planta Project.

    by Dyani Makous

    I accidentally started a free school in Nicaragua :)

  • I Like haircuts.

    by Simplify

    Change adds up

  • I Like Windshield Wipers… .

    by Anonymous Person

    .... putting money underneath them randomly feels great!

  • I Like gift cards.

    by Lisa Goodell

    Something so small can bless everyone!

  • I Like hospitals.

    by Susan Matheson

    I wanted to donate a kidney to a stranger, so I convinced my local hospital to perform an undirected donation.

  • I Like cars.

    by Laurie Bries

    A woman with a dead battery, no one to call to help her, and no money to pay for a mechanic

  • I Like compliments .

    by Melinda Irwin

    From The Mouths Of Babes

  • I Like life interrrupted.

    by JP Wilkerson

    interrupted life

  • I Like Flowers.

    by Hailey

    A story about giving a mother flowers

  • I Like Shampoo.

    by Daphne Tan

    Paying for Mom and the family

  • I Like India’s Children.

    by Mary Cusack

    We thought all children should be happy & healthy... so we decided to make a difference!

  • I Like Giving Life.

    by Evan Davis

    A mother in India gives life to her twin daughters despite immense adversity

  • I Like 12 days

    by Gaye

    Using the theme of the 12 Days, we organize a group to surprise someone with gifts during a particularly hard season

  • I Like Stewardship.

    by Melissa Alexander

    Being a good steward has little to do with money...

  • I Like a great ending.

    by Rhonda McLaughlin

    helping a family member find perspective and ultimately find God

  • I Like the Marines.

    by Alan & Cinda Coe

    Dinner for a Marine and girlfriend

  • I Like Strangers.

    by Michelle Artimez

    My father needed a stem cell transplant...a gift from a complete stranger gave me my daddy back

  • I Like Losing at Bingo.

    by Melissa Rau

    Please God, Let Me Stop Winning!

  • I Like Groceries.

    by Rae

    Helping a Stranger with basic necessities

  • I Like Bus Fare.

    by Grace Cross

    From the Recipient's Point of View

  • I Like Rescuing .

    by Sophia

    I have housed over 9 people