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  • I Like Honoring My Daughter’s Birth Mother.

    by Mary E. Cutter

    I asked the guests at my daughter's wedding to help me thank her birth mother

  • I Like Doctor Pepper.

    by alian

    13 yr. Old boy helps an elderly lady lift soda into her cart

  • I Like People.

    by Gerridette Schiavone

    Setting the example instead of being the example for Jesus.

  • I Like Stewardship.

    by Melissa Alexander

    Being a good steward has little to do with money...

  • I Like compliments .

    by Melinda Irwin

    From The Mouths Of Babes

  • I Like India’s Children.

    by Mary Cusack

    We thought all children should be happy & healthy... so we decided to make a difference!

  • I Like haircuts.

    by Simplify

    Change adds up

  • I Like a great ending.

    by Rhonda McLaughlin

    helping a family member find perspective and ultimately find God

  • I Like My Sister.

    by Amy Hill

    A woman shows unconditional love to women in bondage to drugs and prostitution.

  • I Like free hugs.

    by Beryl Smile Teitelbaum

    While giving free hugs in union square I came across a man who seemed he never had a person to talk to.

  • I Like Celebrating my Birthday by Celebrating Kindness.

    by Denise Williams

    It has become a tradition for me to do Random Acts of Kindness to Celebrate the number of years of my life!

  • I Like Having my faith in humanity restored

    by Kathleen Collins

    I lost my purse, wallet, identity and dollars - and it was returned to me.

  • I Like A Stranger’s Embrace.

    by Grace Cross

    A stranger held my head in her lap as I convulsed, protecting me from hurting myself.

  • I Like hearts.

    by Ted Kallman

    A story of 3 hearts woven together

  • I Like Giving Someone a Sweet Memory.

    by Susan Granville Jenkins

    Giving respect to my son's Step-Mom at his wedding.

  • I Like A Sweater.

    by Grace Cross

    I covered her with my sweater as she went into shock.

  • I Like teaching… about Iran.

    by W. S. Harrop

    not easy, yet must

  • I Like making people feel good.


    car accident

  • I Like To Write.

    by Malissa Moss

    I blog about grief

  • I Like Being a Mother to Others!!.

    by Cheryl Abney

    Loving on Others!

  • I Like Learning.

    by Beth Self

    Learning more about Alzheimer's helped me better connect with my Dad.

  • I Like Putting complements in the suggestion box

    by Cindy Lanham

    Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way.

  • I Like books & stuffies.

    by Shauna Congelliere

    Homeless Hugs

  • I Like Happy Gas Station Customer.

    by Nadia Fominykh

    A stranger lifted my spirits by showing the strength we all have to overcome our obstacles.

  • I Like hearing..

    by Tracy Scandlyn

    A young boy who is deaf and going blind receives the gift of sound through a cochlear implant.

  • I Like sewing.

    by Betsy Flikkema

    Helping my 90-year-old neighbor left me in stitches.

  • I Like dreaming.

    by Ben and Denise Bouwers

    when destiny calls our name

  • I Like decorating.

    by Melony Scholte

    Repainting and decorating a friend's kitchen was a great way to give!

  • I Like Second Chances.

    by Trina Pockett

    Mom with Cancer gets Second Chance




  • I Like Giving a Party.

    by Karen Van Vuren

    Brought family members together to celebrate a 90th birthday!

  • I Like Being Joanna’s Voice.

    by Patricia Hunter

    By being Joanna's voice, I have tried to educate teens about the dangers of unhealthy relationships.

  • I Like being a voice for those in need

    by Bill McKendry

    Being a voice for people who need one is in my DNA. So it fascinates me to meet others with the same genetic code.

  • I Like Save a life.

    by DC

    How I help give life to others

  • I Like William.

    by Elizabeth

    Older man with cerebral palsy can see again

  • I Like Mercy.

    by Marcy Schorsch

    Perspectives. Why do “bad” things happen to “good” people?

  • I Like Serving.

    by Gary Raymond

    As a retiree, many opportunities to serve others.

  • I Like showing people they matter.

    by Jackie

    my first day just started

  • I Like Little Old Ladies.

    by Cathey Metcalf

    My aunt's Valentine Gift

  • I Like giving in secret

    by Anonymous

    Giving with Anonymity is very rewarding.

  • I Like Old cars funding missionaries. .

    by Kathleen

    My dad found a way to help young men fund their 2year missionary work.

  • I Like Repair Things.

    by Tony Selk

    Not afraid to tackle any repair

  • I Like Handouts.

    by Grace Cross

    On this weekend I was both giver and recipient. You're welcome... and thank you.

  • I Like legacy.

    by Jill Thompson

    Serving families with a terminally-ill parent and young children

  • I Like Working Out.

    by john onesix

    Went for a workout with my wife, meant a lot to her.

  • I Like Complaining.

    by Dan Hill

    Opportunity knocks when others complain

  • I Like Gratitude.

    by steve

    Everyone can give


    by Sylane Mack

    Forgiving others of the "unforgivable" brought freedom and healing to my life! All of it came through the love of Jesus!

  • I Like Gas.

    by Jenn

    I ran out of gas at a four-way stop sign.