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I Like Spreading kindness.

Submitted by Erin & Sam (Walled lake, Michigan)

You can't take it with you when you die.

Friends of ours live pretty tight financially. They live a very modest life. However, they are happy, their kids are fed, and they have a roof over their heads. They never complain. It’s been a rough few years though. They had a major house repair that set them back significantly. While still trying to pay off that loan, their car recently died. These expensive things always seem to happen around Christmas. Knowing they would never accept help, we wanted to find a way to help them anonymously. We bought a visa gift card, added $200 and sent it in the mail along with a card that was signed, spreading kindness. We used their address as the return address and had someone else do the writing. It’s important to that they don’t know it was us who sent money. We’re not sure what they’ll think when they receive it. We hope happiness, maybe a little relief. It feels good to help a deserving family that works hard, but can’t catch a break. It’s only money, right? What’s the point in being greedy, you can’t take it with you when you die.