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I Like Making a Difference.

Submitted by Andrew Smith (Blacksburg, Virginia)
I Like Making a Difference.

As a solider serving in Iraq, it was often frustrating when we couldn't help the children around us.

As a soldier serving in Iraq, it was often frustrating when we couldn’t help the children we came in contact with on our missions. We had a specific job to do and couldn’t always take the time to meet the needs that were right in front of us.

My time in the Army was cut short due to a roadside bomb. I found myself working for a local church, teaching teenagers. One summer we raised money for an organization that helps orphans. Now 2 years later I find myself as the Director of that exact same non-profit. These days I find myself advocating on behalf of orphans. I get to spend time with them multiple times a year and even celebrate special holidays…in a big way!

In a few short weeks we will hold our special “Christmas at the Orphanage” event. It will be live streamed so that all of our donors can watch as the kids open their presents and celebrate in a way that only 100 orphans can.

*If you are interested in being part of this event, feel free to visit:

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I love making a difference in the life of orphans and I invite each of you to join me!