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I Like It started with a Facebook message and ended with the Piano Man.

Submitted by Kristin DeWitt (Dayton OH)

A young Billy Joel fan was looking for tickets when a strange facebook message appeared.

A young girl was trying to get Billy Joel tickets to his concert in the city where she was living. None of her friends liked his music and would not go with her. So she figured she’d go alone. She got so excited when she found a ticket for a pretty decent price in the nose bleeds but when she went to purchase them the price went up. She saw on a facebook group people asking who was going to that show and she replied that she was but couldn’t get tickets. It was the day of the show and she was having a bad day. She checked facebook and had a message from a complete stranger saying he had an extra ticket and it was her’s, no strings attached. Nervously she agreed and met him at the show he was from Ny and happened to have a ticket on the floor. He had traveld all the way from NY to see Billy. He said it was good karma. She spent the night up by the stage singing and dancing her heart out and forgetting about life for a while. When she was leaving she gave the man a letter she had written thanking him and for his kindness also that it restored her faith in people. You see she had been in a really dark place and felt alone and hopless She had planned to commit suicide that night. This man and his selflessness saved her life. She later found out her company helped him too as he too was in a dark spot. Billy’s music was able to bring two people who could have really used a friend that day together. All because one man had an extra ticket and a big heart.