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I Like Blessings.

Submitted by Riley Smith (Moss Point, MS)

Giving (and receiving) Blessings From Africa

I had retired early from a long-term job. I had listened to His voice tell me He had bigger things in store for me. And there were other problems that pulled me to leave. We were still battling the effects of hurricane Katrina a couple of years later at our home on the MS Gulf Coast. So I gulped real hard, retired,and dove into house renovations on the old historic home that my wife’s family owned. It was to help house her dad in his battle with Alzheimer’s. Sadly, we lost that battle, and her father died before we completed the renovations on the old home that he loved. But God didn’t lie, and the old home is a wonderful part of the family. A real miracle. Most everyone said it was impossible when we started. But it was done and is widely admired, although my finances weren’t nearly in as good a shape as I thought they’d be at that point. I worked occasionally after we finished the renovation and looked for another adventure. It came in the form of another job offer…..IN AFRICA! People that I knew called, asking if I would be interested in a traveling job and when I heard the salary I almost fainted. As I told my wife when we discussed this proposition, yes there was danger in Africa. A person could be in danger in certain neighborhoods in America too. So it was off to Africa. And the blessings fell again, as money, favor, and new friends were provided by the opportunity. One of the greatest things about the whole situation was the ability to give monetarily what we had previously only dreamed about. And so I have learned that giving is such a blessing. I’m now waiting on the next great chapter.