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I Like Publix.

Submitted by Amber Lange (Birmingham, Alabama)

I was given an unexpected chance to help a stranger and it had an incredible effect.

I have a testimony, y’all. So, the kids and I were getting the car at Publix tonight and a man pulled up to us in his car and proceeded to tell me how he and his family, also in the car were trying to get to a hospital in ATL and almost broke into tears as he was telling me, he asked in Jesus name for $40 and said he knew it would be returned 3 fold to me. Well I am Christian and it just so happened I hadn’t tithed yet so I gave him the money and asked if he needed prayer. I have never done anything like this, but it just felt like just giving only money wasn’t good enough. So After giving it to him, my two young children and I stood in the parking lot beside this mans car while I prayed for him and his family.

And listen, He is so mighty, because as I was sitting in my car right after, another man knocked on my window and told me he and his children had seen what I did for that man and his family and he thanked me for being a testament to him and his children of Gods power.

And then listen to this, when we arrived home there was a check in the mail I was not expecting for over 3 times what I gave this man God brought to me to bless. I truly believe now if you live a life to led to bless others, those blessings will be brought back to you in abundance.