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I Like Finding Apartments.

Submitted by Carol (Marinette Wisconsin)

Helped a 93 year old

I was going to my guitar lesson and I drove past the senior center. There was an elderly woman sitting next to the building and she watched me intently. My thought was she thought I was someone she knew who was picking her up so I went to talk to her. She was looking down the street at an apartment building. She was 93 years old and lost her key to her apartment. We called her daughter, but she couldn’t help. I walked to the apartment building asking if anyone had a number for the manager. I did find an emergency number so I called that and got a maintenance man. He spoke to her and she had a walker with a seat on it so I walked with her to make sure she crossed the street. Part way there she said her legs hurt so I asked her if she wanted to sit and I’d push her. I managed to push her back to the apartment building so she could get back into her apartment. She was very grateful that someone stopped to help.