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I Like I Like Turning A Frown Upsidedown.

Submitted by Sharon L. Swift (Orem, Utah)

Spreading good cheer every day of the year, goodwill to all, and to all a good delight.

Travelling via the transit system provides several opportunities to literally alter the world one person at a time by giving of my time by acknowledging others, letting them know they are valued. With every bus I meet a friendly smile and wave hello to the bus driver as my ride pulls over to pick me up begins a journey of spreading good cheer, unless it starts with a fellow traveler waiting along side me at the bus stop, never the less, it always begins with a smile, usually followed with greetings of, “Good morning,” or, “Hello,” and, “How are you?” By engaging others in conversation affords them the opportunity to speak their mind which tends to be about some life struggle, big or small. I listen. No matter what the story I always do my best to leave them smiling, a sincere, “It was a real pleasure to meet you, I wish you well,” accompanied with a big smile does the trick. I learn to dissolve judgments, acquiring greater compassion and understanding. I am inspired knowing a hurting individual has been momentarily uplifted and relieved of some of the pain they carry, perhaps altering their entire day, which is bound to have a domino affect. I once noticed a woman having difficulties finding the best stop to get off near her destination and was quick to assist, making jokes along the way to calm her down and cheer her up. Months later I met her again. I had forgotten her face, but she recalled me, mentioning how much my act of kindness had meant to her. She was a supervisor at my new job! The domino affect had landed in my court creating a friendly work environment which in turn bumped a few more dominoes!