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I Like Seeing Smiles.

Submitted by Zachary Halloran (albany)
I Like Seeing Smiles.

Hand delivered warmth for friends who need it most

A couple years ago, my younger brother was diagnosed with a very complex mental health disorder. My family and I found ourselves visiting him in the hospital for months at a time without knowing if he’d ever bounce back. The hospital was filled with patients who may never leave, who have limited supports and surely have no family nearby. My brother was lucky to have his 6 siblings, loving mother and his girlfriend by his side daily.

My brother began to get better because he had something to look forward to. He was motivated to get better and listen to his doctor because he has a life he needed to get back to. Something began to burn inside me as I saw many patients struggle all alone.

It finally clicked. I knew I wanted to give back, but how. There were so many non profits in my area and I didn’t want my mission to get lost. So I read, research and began a for profit company that gives warm blankets to friends in need every time a customer purchases.

Seeing the smiles of individuals who do not even know who you are or why your there is a site to see. Smiling is a universal language and I wanted to become fluent in it. To date we have helped over 2,000 friends receive Twill Blankets.