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I Like Quik Trip.

Submitted by Christi Johnson (Tulsa, OK)
I Like Quik Trip.

I purchase gift cards from a great store to give to others.

Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Quik Trip stores are clean, convenient, staffed with friendly people, and are located throughout the city on almost every square mile. Whether a person is buying gas, coffee, fountain drinks, snacks or sandwiches, he or she is greeted warmly and is made to feel valued. It’s common to hear Tulsans say that they will drive out of their way to go to a Quik Trip.
As part of my 2016 “Year of Generosity” resolution, I purchase $15 Quik Trip gift cards and personalize them with a positive message. I keep them in my purse so I can easily give them away as situations unfold. Today, I went to a lab to get my blood drawn. The lab tech and I had a friendly conversation, and I was impressed that I didn’t feel the needle stick at all. I told her that I had a prize for her and handed her a gift card. Last week, I gave one to my doctor’s nurse who took my vitals. I’ve given them to homeless people on the street corner, to friends in “Get Well” baskets. In addition to my tip, I gave one to a waiter who took care of my table at a local restaurant. The list goes on.
I like the spontaneity of giving. I like that Tulsa’s own Quik Trip gift cards are involved. I like the surprise and pleasure that shows on the faces of the recipients.
I like Quik Trip.