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I Like Utilities.

Submitted by Sally Wonert (Muscle Shoals, AL)

A friend off of work because of surgery needed help.

A friend of mine, lived alone in a sweet small house of her own, making it day by day working in a plant. Soon she was having health issues that slowly got to difficult to handle. When she walked out of the Doctor’s office she had a surgery date with a six week recovery time.

This was going to be hard financially on her but, she did have some savings to fall back on as she assured friends she would be fine.
Recovery did not go as planned and six weeks was two months with no end in sight.

I knew this was getting harder on her but she was a proud lady.
This is a small town we lived in so I went to the city utility dept. and told them I wanted to pay her bill. I paid it for the next six months without her knowing who was doing it, or so I thought.
About two years later I went through some hard times, and a card arrived in the mail with a check for my mortgage for that month with a card that simply said, Thank you my dear friend.