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I Like Smiles.

Submitted by Anonymous (Modesto, CA)

I couldn't believe she was putting $1.15 worth of gas!

One morning, I had dropped off my daughter at school early for band practice. Since I had an extra 45 minutes before I had to be at work, I decided to fill up my gas tank, something I tend to procrastinate. I went inside to prepay with a $100 bill. My roommate pays me in cash and most of the time, this is all I have until payday. The clerk didn’t have change so I was waiting for his manager to come out from the back with money for the register. While waiting, a lady came in the store and put down a bunch of coins. She said “$1.15 on 8 please.” The manager came in and handed the clerk money, so he alerted me that it was my turn. I checked pump 8 and saw the lady had a small, older s.u.v. I asked the clerk to put $10 on 8, and fill up on 2 (my pump). I went outside and told her to go ahead and put in $10 of gas. She was so surprised! She began to cry and thanked me. I felt so good. I don’t have a lot to give, but that $10 was more to her that day. She drove away and thanked me again. I just remember her smiling through her tears.