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I Like toys.

Submitted by Emma (Houston, TX)

We just dropped off toys for some very deserving kids

Someone gave me a visa card for Christmas, so I spent it at the toy store — I now have bags full of brand new toys to hand off to the Citywide Club in Houston for their toy drive. When my brother and I were volunteering with them at Thanskgiving, we heard about their plans for the toys: At the Christmas Eve dinner event at the convention center, they let groups of kiddos into a room filled with the donated toys. They have something like 60 seconds to pick out the toys they want they want to take home. They keep letting groups in until all of the toys are gone. A shopping spree like that would be awesome for any kid but especially so for one who may not have any presents around a tree back home… I was really impressed with the Citywide Club turning donations around immediately into needy hands at the Thanksgiving event. If you have some extra cash or canned goods, I know where I’d suggest you donate! And if you have an unwrapped new toy to add to their drive, I’m sure there will be lots of smiles & squeals of delight from the recipients!