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I Like Helping Others.

Submitted by Stephanie Lena (Virginia Beach)

I helped a man and a women who needed help.

I was walking down the road and saw a this man and women sitting on the road so I stopped my car and said, “Hi, do you need anything.” The man glared at me and said sarcastically, “Sure, a house would be great.” I said, “I can’t buy you a house but I can buy you a hotel room for a week. The man’s mouth dropped open the women said, “Thank you miss, that’s awfully kind of you, were homeless.” The man finally said, “Would you get us some food before we go the hotel?” I said, “Yes.” and stopped at a grocery store before paying the hotel bill and they retreated into their rooms with a grateful smiles. I never realized how happy people can be when you do nice things for them.