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I Like An Unlikely Request.

Submitted by Terre Ritchie (Grand Rapids, MI)
I Like An Unlikely Request.

What we think people need and what their real need is, is quite different.

I had never been to Kenya before but had taken missions trips many times to other countries. Our mission to Kenya was to choose from 5 schools to support. This was hard because the needs were so great.
While there I came upon a young girl about 13 who was the daughter of a woman who ran an orphanage for girls who went to one of the schools. The girls name was Sharon.
I prayed with Sharon about a test she had just taken to see if she could attend 8th grade. She was pensive. That afternoon we were all packing up in the van to leave and she came running to me in her school uniform saying she had just been accepted and could continue her schooling! She was thrilled because she loved to learn.
I got acquainted with her family, her mom and two sisters. When I asked them what needs they had, they did not hesitate. I was thinking clothes, or shoes or books or just money. No, none of those were on their list. What they really needed was sanitary napkins. What? Yes, sanitary napkins were hard to find and hard to buy with the little funds they had.
Upon returning home I went directly to the store and shipped a huge box of sanitary napkins to Kenya. They Facebook messaged me saying how thrilled they were to receive them.
I have never been so humbled in my life by their simple need.
Thank you God, that I saw Sharon and prayed with her. Thank you, God, for giving me open ears to hear and eyes to see the needs of others, no matter how big or…small.