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I Like Warmth.

Submitted by J (DC METRO)

While I was working I saw a man wearing a sweater on a freezing rain kind of day.

I’m a services technician for a telecom company, and I work in the unpredictable climate of Metro DC area. On this particular day, we had snow and freezing rain. I had all my normal winter gear on and remember that I was still freezing. I walked by a man just like most people around me, but I quickly realized that he was only wearing a sweater. He looked soaked. He was shivering. I asked him if he didn’t realize the day would be like this. He informed me that he had just been released from the immigration detention center. He was waiting for someone to pick him up. I couldn’t stand seeing him like that. I knew I had extra gear in my truck, so I grabbed the extra sweater, rain coat, and umbrella I had and gave them to him. As I walked away, I couldn’t stop sobbing, all I could think about were my parents. They suffered when they came to this country. They sacrificed so much to push the family up. That man is a constant reminder of the struggles my parents went through, and I hope that I live a life that is worthy of their sacrifices.