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I Like Forgiveness.

Submitted by Sean Stier (Costa Mesa CA)

Encouragement shared with a stranger who was in need

I had just returned from Haiti a week ago, and got to the train stop early that morning. I was the only one on the platform when a older gentlemen walked by me. He had a backpack and wore ragged clothes. He asked me how much it cost to ride to Union Station. I told him about $10.
He sat down and about 30 seconds later a voice told me to engage in conversion with him. I went over to him and said “you don’t have a ticket, do you?” He shook his head “no”.
I told him to follow me and I went over to the kiosk and bought him a ticket. He thanked me and I thought that would be it, but that was only the beginning, as I handed him his ticket he said “I just got out of jail and I’m going to see my son in the valley”. I paused and am not sure where my words came from but I said “so you’re going to change?” Not the words he expected as he said “excuse me?”
I again said “you’re going to change the way you were, right?” And he said,“yes I’ve already found a job and you don’t know the terrible things I’ve done.” I immediately said “it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, God only cares where you’re going. I know a guy who was in the Mafia and did some bad things, and now he’s helping to lead people to Christ.” I encouraged him to find a church in the valley to help him with his journey, and we parted with him explaining that his son attended a church and he would look into it with him.