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I Like serving the homeless.

Submitted by tony williams (fort worth, tx)
I Like serving the homeless.

I was looking for something to do and wound up feeding the homeless

I was dropping off my now-wife to our wedding shower and I was looking for something to do so I hopped on Facebook and noticed an old classmate organizing to feed the homeless and I wanted to join in since I had a few hours to burn.
Well I picked up bags of candy and headed over to the park and after a few hugs and handshakes, I decided to get on the serving line and help. And after encountering some awesome people in a bad situation, I begin to get wet around the eyes from seeing folks situations and I wanted to do more so I asked my friend and she responded with “As long as we can do it, we gonna do it!”
Well it’s been five serving events and now I have my family out there serving too. My conversations consist of “How can we do more?”, “When is the next time you are going out there?”, and “How can I join?.”
Since I am now the vice president of the organization, I can answer those questions with great detail. God is awesome with allowing me to be able to move the needle, just a little.