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I Like Groceries.

Submitted by Hannah Chung (Atlanta, GA)

Bought groceries for an elderly couple begging in a parking lot.

As usual, I was in a huge rush to grocery shop and run errands for my business. As I was unloading groceries into my car, a very sweet elderly lady meekly asked for food or money. She said she and her husband had not eaten in a couple days. I told her I didn’t have cash and tore off some bananas for her.

She said thank you, took the bananas to her husband and continued begging to others. I looked at my watch and thought about how this lady is someone’s grandmother.
So, I chased her down and offered to buy her some groceries. She got her husband out of the car and shopping we went!

I could tell they were feeling so much shame about the situation, but had no choice. So I did my best to be super casual and very honoring to them as we shopped. I insisted on buying quality, clean whole food. We spared no expense.

I was able to buy them a cart full of groceries, restore some dignity and give them hope. I made them give me a big hug and told them not to thank me but someone much bigger:)