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I Like Diapers.

Submitted by Krizia (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Giving diapers as gifts to new parents

As I grew older, my friends with kids started asking me to become one of their kids godmother. At first I really struggled what gift to give to these babies during special occasions. One day I realized maybe after one circumstance that diapers are more needed by these parents rather than clothes (because they have lots of clothes gifts already) especially with single moms. There I realized as well that diapers are quite expensive and I am amazed how many diapers a baby uses each day. Thanks to frequent sales of diapers in different stores, I was able to buy these. It’s funny sometimes when I walk out of the store carrying a box of diapers that some of the people I knew asks me why when I have no kids of my own. I just love to see the parents faces when they receive the box. However, after Christmas I saw a family’s need and as I see this baby at church, God seems to remind me to care for the “orphans and the widow” although this may not literally fit their description but in a sense it does because the father left for a while. So the diaper box was delivered to their house just because without any special occasion at all. Just being grateful of our amazing God.