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I Like caring.

Submitted by Jim Rupprecht (Littleton)
I Like caring.

Holding a memorial service for a homeless person.

We are a small group of guys who use free cheeseburgers and hot coffee to warm the stomachs of the homeless people on the streets of Denver and to build relationships with them. We meet many people who we see once and never again. Sometimes, however, we cross paths with an individual over and over again. Momma D is a sweet wheel chair bound lady that we have considered a true trusted friend for years. Her mother passed away last week and Momma D could not make it to the funeral in Indiana so we held a small memorial service last night on the 16th Street mall.
It was attended by Momma D’s friends. We hired some street musician friends to sing “How Great Thou Art” and my friend spoke some very kind and well selected words of comfort and purpose in life. We lit candles, tears were shed and hugs exchanged. When the musicians lead us in singing “Amazing Grace” even people from outside the group joined in the singing. White and black friends sang together without any distinction. We prayed, and the singers sang a beautiful song they wrote just for Momma D. She had told us her mom loved humming birds so we presented her with a special candle in a glass holder adorned with humming birds. She and her mother were honored, friendships deepened and I believe God smiled. It was a privilege to be there.
All this stood in sharp contrast to a large noisy Ferguson related protest later in the evening that forced us off the street.