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I Like Tire.

Submitted by Anonymous (Semmes, AL)


It was the week after Hurricane Katrina, I was in WalMart to get my oil changed and get a few items. When I went to check on my car and overheard the cashier talking with the department manager. She told him that a man brought his car in with a bad tire. He and his family were from New Orleans and had lost everything in the storm. The man had no job and no money and could they donate him a tire so he can find a job. The manager told her there was nothing they could do. The cashier then noticed me and proceeded to ring up my purchase. I told her to add the mans tire to my bill. She asked if I wanted to leave my name and number so he could pay me back. I promptly told her no, just tell him when he’s back on his feet to help someone who needs it. I truly hope that man and his family are doing well today!!