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I Like sewing.

Submitted by Laura (Sugar Hill, Georgia)
I Like sewing.

An 8 year old's desire to give a toy turns into $500 towards helping others in need.

In November 2013, my 3rd grade daughter came home and announced she wanted to give a toy to a child that might not have one this Christmas. My first thought was “Great!”, but then I began to wonder if she wanted to use her money to buy a toy, wanted to defer one of her gifts at Christmas to give to another, or just wanted me to go buy a toy for her to donate at school.

As a mom, I’m always looking for opportunities to drive out the “me monsters” from my kids. We do a lot of giving and serving throughout the year. Needless to say, I was excited a few days later, when I realized our church was having a Holiday Market and all proceeds would be matched by other donors to double the money going towards local organizations serving those in need.

After a quick math lesson on matching gifts and a discussion on how God can use our gifts and skills to bless others, my daughter enlisted the help of her cousin and got busy sewing scrap fabrics. Their goal was to sell $100 to donate, but they surpassed that with $250 in sales – which was matched to equal $500 – an amount that would go much further than one donated toy.

The girls have been busy with new product ideas and increased inventory. They are excited to see what this year’s market will hold!