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I Like Orphans..

Submitted by Melanie Heath (Casper, WY)
I Like Orphans..

Melanie is moving to Guatemala to pursue her passion of loving and caring for orphans.

Hi, I’m Melanie! Last year, traveled to 11 different countries on a mission trip called the World Race. During that year, my heart broke over and over for the orphans that I met. I realized that I loved caring for those kiddos more than anything else. Now, being back in America, I realize that I am absolutely made to do just that.

In January, I will be moving to Guatemala to complete an apprenticeship program called the Center for Global Action (CGA). It’s a program with the organization Adventures in Missions, designed to launch young adults into their calling and help them to discover how to use their passions and talents. My passion is orphan ministry and my talent is children’s ministry. It’s all I know about myself. So I will be completing the compassion track in Guatemala!

I have to fundraise to do this. To make a donation, please visit my blog (which I’d love if you’d visit anyway. I blogged the year that I was on the World Race and enjoy blogging regularly). There is a tab to donate called “support me.” You can also mail a check to Adventures in Missions (with my name in the memo line) to Adventures in Missions, PO Box 742570, Atlanta, GA, 30374-2570.

I can’t wait to go meet the orphans in Guatemala in a couple months. And for the year that I will be there. Thanks for being a part of my adventure!!!

Mel :)