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I Like Refrigerators.

Submitted by Debbie Allred (Modesto, CA)

Bought a refrigerator that a friend's mom was selling, donated to someone in need.

A friend, A., posted on Facebook that his mom was selling her refrigerator for $300. I didn’t need a new refrigerator, but I had the idea to buy it, and to give it to someone who needed one. Our church has a big database of needs within the community. I found six listings for refrigerators. I talked to a friend, B., who is a giver like me, asking if she was interested in pitching in. She said she’d go 50/50, which is what I hoped for. I chose an individual, D., with many health issues, including being mentally challenged. That night I paid A.‘s mom, and her son is making the arrangements for the sponsoring agency to pick up and deliver the refrigerator to D. My friend B. has sent a check to me to cover her part. It was so rewarding to help two people at the same time.