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I Like Giving.

Submitted by Mr. Blessed (Lincoln, NE)
I Like Giving.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is days away and times are tight… Very tight. Honestly, I’m scared. But I choose to count my blessings anyway. I’m a single father of three brilliant and insanly polite little boys. So, I decided to give two, 14 lb. turkeys to deserving families this year for Thanksgiving.
I think, even though money is tight, we have a warm home. We can’t go out for dinner, but we have healthy food at home. We can’t go see the latest movie this month, but we have each others laughter. While we watch a free video from the library, I have my oldest laying on top my legs with his favorite pillow. My middle dude snuggles on my left and my lil fart finds my right arm as his favorite pillow. In this moment… This little sliver of time, I AM THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD.

So, this year our local grocery has a reward program with which I was able to purchase our turkey with points. In fact, we have built enough points this year we are able to purchase three, 14 lb turkeys. And we decided it would be fun to share our lil fortune with a couple deserving families. Through friends, neighbors, and Facebook it was hard to find them quickly.