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I Like Coffee.

Submitted by Dee-Ann R. Mesias (Suwon City, South Korea)

How I secretly shared a hot mug of coffee to the recycling lady on the street.

It was one of those freezing minus 15 degree winter mornings in South Korea. It just snowed hard a few days back and the low temps has frozen the streets to a dangerous slippery trek. I only had 10minutes left to grab my daily dose of coffee and make a run for my kindergarten class. My favorite barista was already making my order once she saw me open the door. As I was paying for my order I saw an elderly lady of about 60 or 70 step into the warm cafe and sat on one of the chairs close to the door. Outside I saw she was pulling a big crate full of carboard boxes to sell at the recycling center. A crateful would only give her the amount equal to what I have just ordered. She smiled at us and said she’ll be off in awhile, just needed to warm up a little bit. I took out my card again and signalled to my barista to make a huge order of coffee for the grandma on me and left with a cheerful good morning. I was late for work that day but the warmth of knowing I made someone else’s day warmer stayed with me until now. The barista told me the next day that the elderly lady stayed happily sipping her coffee for more than hour. I never saw her again after that.